Video Marketing for Real Estate – What is it and how to do it?

Making video marketing for real estate is one of the best ways to get the target audience you want. After all, video has a number of benefits aimed at retaining attention and converting to sales.

Especially when placed in a business plan with a long-term vision, where strategies are sown to generate consistent results.

However, do you know how to make a good video marketing for real estate? Or rather, do you know what are the main characteristics that must be taken into account to do it right?

In today’s text, we’ll better understand the paths you should take to get the most out of this strategy. After all, producing real estate videos is no longer a trend of the future. But yes, it is present.

And precisely because of that, we’ll help you draw a practical plan and give you some ideas of what you can do to be able to do a good job of marketing your real estate.

If that’s what you’re looking for, follow along. Some things you can even get off the paper today!

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Video Marketing for Real Estate – What is it?

Video marketing for real estate is nothing more than a way to communicate, through one of the most powerful communication tools: the audiovisual.

However, unlike other types of videos, the marketing-oriented format has a “look” a little more commercial. Or, at least, it has this objective for the medium and long term.

However, this commercial “appearance” is not limited to advertisements, sales videos or promotion of a product, as you may have already seen.

Video marketing for real estate is much broader than that. It, in fact, is a way for you to build an entire brand positioning strategy so that, in this way, you can identify your real estate and place your banner in the market.

Video marketing can be used in a number of different functionalities, for the most diverse areas and needs. Simply by having “marketing” in the name, it does not mean that this type of material is made solely and exclusively to sell a property directly.

After all, marketing isn’t just that either, is it? And to complement your study, read our article on Real Estate Marketing Strategies.

How to Make Video Marketing for Real Estate – Step by Step What You Should Consider

Now that we understand what video marketing for real estate is, it’s time to also understand how we can do it. After all, the best actions only deliver results when put into practice, don’t they?

And with video, this is even more evident, as we need to run a series of them so that, in this way, we have some kind of basis to analyze whether or not something is going right.

The first step for you to consider in producing your real estate videos is the need factor.

Note that you will need to have a north indicating which way to go. Without this you will be making random videos, which is too bad. So have a clear goal.

And this can be resolved with the following question: “what purpose will the video serve?” This is enough for you to create the necessary direction.

But of course, this question must be placed within a broader context. In other words, it is necessary to have an action plan that will give all the support so that the video itself has a good performance and a good performance.

But, and how can you build this context? We separate three different types of videos that can be used in campaigns or marketing plans. Look:

  • Institutional videos for brand strengthening;
  • Advertising videos for sales and launches;
  • Content marketing with videos;

We’ll talk in detail about each of these production styles and models. Keep reading to understand better.

Institutional videos for brand strengthening

The first style of video marketing for real estate you can create is the institutional model. This is one of the most common types as it can be used in a number of different strategies.

A good institutional video of your company can serve as the basis for a presentation, a launch , a Facebook Ads campaign or simply to compose your real estate website .

The uses are so broad that it is even difficult to list those that are actually effective. However, the most recommended is that you make the video always thinking of a unique objective.

In other words, the more dedicated and suitable the video for a given occasion, the better for business.

The extreme pulverization or expansion of the focus or objective of a marketing video may even make you more psychologically comfortable. After all, investing in a product with more than one function is always better.

However, in the case of marketing, no. Here, the more focused and targeted the message is, the better for the results you intend to reap.

So, as much as you want to make a good institutional video, focus on it and know where it should be used.

Advertising videos for sales and launches

The second type of video marketing for real estate is the famous advertising film.

This one is perhaps even more popular than institutional video. After all, this type of video we consume in a very large way on a daily basis. Whether it’s a YouTube ad or even a commercial break on a TV show.

The advertising video is a piece produced essentially to generate more sales in a given marketing action. Or, generate more visits on a website, in a store and even improve your brand image with the use of an institutional video in advertising spaces.

However, simply making an advertising video is not a guarantee of increased revenue. It takes some other well-structured fundamentals for this.

And guess what – one of these fundamentals is precisely having a clear goal, as we mentioned earlier. And a clear objective, even for an advertising video, cannot be the intention to “sell more”. This is too broad!

Think more like this: sell what? For whom? In what way? On which platform? What is the minimum expected ROI to enable project sequencing?

This is part of an effective marketing plan that can make this type of real estate video , finally, help to sell more. Never hire a video producer without having a clear idea of ​​what you need, ok?

Content Marketing with Videos

And finally, one of the most amazing options to produce videos for your real estate: content marketing .

Here, you can make a number of different formats, structures and languages. In content marketing, you have a lot more room to try, test, make mistakes, redo and find an effective way to reach your audience.

To put a little more context, let’s understand in a few lines what content marketing means.

This is a tool that allows your real estate company to structure a short-, medium- and long-term plan to attract relevant prospects.

Through produced content, such as this article you are reading, posts on social networks and videos, you will be able to form an audience engaged and interested in the subject that, over the months and years, will be very nourished and educated to buy a product or service of your company.

This is the power of content marketing.

And the rational and creative use for the production of videos can, in this case, greatly benefit your business plan – After all, being close to prospects, understanding consumer behavior and talking directly to them is really a differential.

And if you want to understand a little more about how to produce great videos to use in your content marketing strategy, read on.

Video Marketing Themes for Real Estate – Which are the Best?

So far, we understand what video marketing is and how you can do it, in some well-known formats and styles.

However, if you’re building or even thinking about building a video content marketing plan , you also need to understand what works and what doesn’t.

The bad news is, you’ll only know what works and what doesn’t for your strategy, with lots of testing.

The good news is that we will help you to think a little more creatively so that videos have a positive impact on what you propose.

And for that, we’ve separated some themes that you can test, which are the following:

  • Behind the scenes of your real estate – How things happen internally and who the people are;
  • Tips and tutorials on a particular subject of interest to the public;
  • Real estate images as a product demonstration;
  • Interviews with real estate authorities;

We’ll talk about each model below. Follow up.

Behind the Scenes of Your Real Estate – How Things Happen Internally and Who the People Are

The first style of video marketing for real estate is the behind-the-scenes format. In other words, show what happens inside your office/company in general.

This type of content is excellent and has a very large membership, especially on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

People like to know what goes on “behind the scenes”. The mental trigger of curiosity is very latent and will make your prospects notice your real estate much more. So, use this type of video to create engagement and closeness with your audience.

Tips and tutorials on a subject of interest to the public

Another style of video you can build is aimed at knowledge and education. In other words, you can use your real estate agency as a “mouthpiece” for knowledge about real estate matters, helping, engaging and educating your prospects.

The content marketing is very much about “helping someone.” And the tools for that, range from articles (like this one), posts on social networks or videos of the most diverse types.

So, do tutorials, teach how to generate some kind of real estate document, show how to appraise a property, etc. The more valuable content you produce, the greater your audience’s buy-in.

And, of course, this audience can be converted into customers within an appropriate time frame.

Real estate images as a product demo

Another type of real estate marketing video you can produce are videos that show real estate. They can be well produced, or made in a more personal way, which show that a human being produced them, not big cameras and equipment.

After all, this issue of human proximity makes videos much more relevant – people connect with people, not companies.

This type of video can be used as primary content on social media and even YouTube. If you prefer, you can record in Stories format to impact the audience in an even more natural and organic way.

Interviews with real estate authorities

And finally, we also indicate an interview format.

In this pattern, you can call relevant people from a specific area, or from the real estate area itself. The authority that this type of content conveys is very great. After all, whoever consumes an interview is interested in what that person has to say.

And you can benefit from this through professional acquisitions, aimed at growing your brand presence, developing partnerships and, thus, building greater added value on your products and services.

Is it worth doing video marketing for real estate?

Definitely worth it. After all, real estate video marketing is much broader than this or that format.

A video can become your company’s main sales tool, or it can become your main calling card. Or, it can be used to educate and guide an audience to some level of your sales funnel.

The uses are numerous and you will be able to take advantage of it very efficiently.

So, take tests and see what best suits your audience and your real estate agency. Count on Ville Imob to help your sales growth, with tools and systems that optimize your day-to-day so that you can dedicate yourself to creating great real estate videos.