Glance at Radon

Radon is naturally occurring radioactive gas. Radon gas is colorless, invisible and odorless gas. Radon is formed by the decomposition of the radioactive materials i.e. thorium, radium and uranium. It is a hazardous gas. Because it can be seen, its exposure can be dangerous towards all living beings. Radon causes fatal diseases in humans such as lung cancer which is difficult to treat. Radon gas is generally found in soil as the underground radioactive materials decompose. So, from above it is not possible to detect its presence. Special equipment’s are used to confirm the occurrence of radon gas. As the radioactive materials decompose and radon is a gas, it moves upward towards ground level. So, in homes it is mandatory to go for the presence of radon gas. Radon gas arises up through the cracks and holes in the foundation. In the basement of homes, schools and offices, radon is in abundant as the basements are totally packed and the amount of gas in such places grow vigorously. It is sorry to say that 4% to 15% of overall lung cancer cases are due to the radon gas and we don’t take it seriously.

So, what is radon? It is a gas no one can be sure about it unless tests are conducted. The concentration of radon in a homes, schools and offices depends on:

  1. The amount of uranium in the primary rocks and soils.
  2. The accessible routes for the passage of radon from the soil into the home through basements.
  3. The exchange of air between indoor and outdoor atmosphere, which is totally dependent on the construction of the house, the aeriation facility of the folks, and the air-tightness of the building.

Increasing levels of radon in homes, schools and offices can be controlled and reduced by following steps:

  • Installation of a radon mitigation system under a solid floor or in the basement.
  • By boosting under floor aeration system.
  • By ducking the passage of radon from the basement into living rooms through the complete sealing of the floor and filling the cracks and holes.
  • Improve the throughout ventilation system of the house.

The expansion of radon can be controlled by a radon mitigation system. This system helps to removes the radon from the basement of any building and release the underlying gas to the outer atmosphere. The installation includes assembly of pipes, drilling hole in the ground and fan fitting assembly. The fitting is done in two steps.

  • Firstly, our team visit your home to understand current situation of your home to install the best suitable radon mitigation system to your home.
  • Second step is the mechanical work done to install the system. This process takes less than week to complete. The hole id drilled with drill bits and after digging hole, the indoor pipe assembly is installed. After that next step is the fitting of fan in the line and final step is the outdoor assembly which includes a venting hose.

So, it is better to control and stop the spreading of ran in homes by installing radon mitigation system.