Essential and popular models of folding knives

When it comes to the models and varieties of folding knives, then we have seen that they are immense in their numbers. We hope that this piece of writing will give you enough information on wide types of custom folding knivesSo, check out the details and once you read out them, share with us your feedback.


The Barlow knife


This is an important folding knife variation that you must be aware of! Most importantly, it is one of those Damascus folding knives that was created and manufactured in England. The person behind this model was Barlow. It was after his last name that this folding knife was given the name of Barlow knife. This knife has an elongated oval handle and comes with a clip point and also a pen blade. So, this is a favorite and highly desirable knife in the United States.

The Camper Knife


Next, we have this camper knife that is popularly and immensely used by Boy scouts out there. If you are associated with this profession, then you should own this knife on highly likely notes. In this knife category, one can come across different types of blades. This is a great and handy outdoor survival tool that you should keep. You can use it as a can opener too. At times, this camper knife is given the name of a multi-tool knife.


The Canoe knife


Besides, this canoe knife is widely used by individuals these days. It looks like a canoe, for the reason that this knife has acquired such a name. Furthermore, this knife is composed of two blades. The common combination that is seen in this knife is a drop point blade that is often paired and fused with a pen blade.


The Congress Knife


This knife comes in the category of a classic looking slip-joint pocket knife. As you can see that it sports and is packed with four blades. You may see the presence of spear point and sheepsfoot and also coping, and pen blades. Giving you the historical information on this knife type, we came to know that Abe Lincoln used to carry a congress knife with him during his rail-splitting days.


The peanut knife


How about knowing extensively about this peanut knife! This knife is of small size and it can well be explained and depicted from the title of this knife. Moreover, this knife is injected with two blades. It has a clip point blade as well as a drop point blade and both of these blades exist on the same end.


The sodbuster knife


The last knife version is this sodbuster knife. This is included in the category of a pocket knife and it comes with a single blade. Besides, this knife carries the most affordable and budget-friendly price range in it. You can even call it a great “beater” knife. If you are looking for some modern-day peasant knife version, then consider this category.


What else you want to know about folding knives, do let us know. Beyond, if you have used and availed any of the above-mentioned folding knife types, then let us know your experience with them. You can keep connected over here as more details are coming up.