Edge and Spine- Important Elements of a Knife

Edge and spine are two important elements of any kind of knife like that of Fixed blade knife. Here we will talk about them in detail. Through this information, you will know what crucial function is entailed by these parts. So, let us have a look and go through the respective piece of information:


It is the main working and operational part of a knife. Moreover, they are grounded up to a different range of profiles. If you are using a knife for cutting and slicing, then its edge part is going to be grounded to a different profile. Same way, varied parts are possessed by Handmade Damascus swords.

We have Chisel, Hollow-Ground edges. Furthermore, we have V or Flat-Ground edges. Then we have Convex, Compound edges. Even more, manufacturers make Serrated edges.

For a few of the edges, they are encompassed with multiple bevels. Like, they have a half Hollow-Ground as well as half Serrated. If your edge is Hollow-Ground, then it means you have got an extremely fine and super-sharp edge. That edge is specifically and generally delicate. It fails to stand up and tolerate heavy chopping jobs.

More about Edges

Edges that comes in the category of Hollow-Grinds, they are usually witnessed on a large number of fine chefs knives. These edges are present on slicing and boning knives. This same edge is installed and embedded on fillet knives and pocket knives.

It is seen that the Flat Ground edge is always durable, tough. It is best and ideal for chopping and batoning. However, it is not marked as a super-fine edge for jobs like that of very clean slicing.

Lastly, Serrated edges are embossed on kitchen knives. They have got a great amount of shearing power. Knives having these edges, they manage to make clean cuts. They can easily make their way through tough materials. You can cut seat belts and gristle by using these knives


The spine is located at the backside of the knife blade. For double-edged knives, spines are in the middle. It is identified as the thickest part of any knife. Besides, it gives an immense amount of strength to the edge.

This is a general and common rule of thumb that the thicker the spine, then powerful and stronger the blade will be!

More Info on Spine

The aspect and factor of spine thickness, it plays an important part. It is this spine thickness that affects the balance part of your knife. Those knives that are Blade-heavy knives, they are best and suitable for chopping. Even more, Handle-heavy knives, they are weak and not at all appropriate for chopping.

If you want to perform delicate as well as intricate slicing tasks, then use handle-heavy knives. It is noticed that for some of the times, the spine is composed of texturing. And this texturing comes all along the last inch. This property is called jumping. It facilitates the user to make use of the thumb right on the back section of the blade to experience and get extra control.

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