The Colocation Solutions of Around Hivelocity

Every cabinet, (complete, 1/2 and 1/4 rack) is secured with customer access granted only after their personal code is entered onto the cabinet . Our Tampa data center is SSAE-16 certified and audited for PCI & HIPAA compliance. Up close view of a colocation server at a colocation hosting examples facility.


The Hivelocity information centre is staffed 24/7/365 and available to our colocation hosting examples exactly the same. Customers are provided with secure access to our facility first via a gated private lot only with card and pin credentials. Once within our lot customers are able to get into the information centre through our man trap entrance. 

colocation hosting examples


Hivelocity has promised 100% network and power uptime for close to 4 decades straight.


Each colocated customer is provide with the myVelocity customer management interface. By myVelocity colocated customers can setup the observation of around 5 services. If some of those services being tracked is triggered alarms can be transmitted via email or SMS text message. Furthermore, clients can view the bandwidth utilization of open trouble tickets every server, manage IPMI and a whole lot more.


Although we feel we offer a superior colocation service to our clients our pricing is about average to business standards. We feel we provide a much better hosting solution for several reasons. Each customer, including colocation, gets an our intelligently delivered mix of Level 3, TWTC, Global Cogent Crossing, GTT, NTT and Comcast transit. Additionally Hivelocity maintains personal peering at exchanges in Miami (NOTA), Los Angeles (Any2) and Atlanta (TIE). Additionally, most colocation providers not a lot more and offer the infrastructure. Hivelocity is staffed 24/7/365 with Windows, Linux and Virtualization experts. If a customer that is colocated needs our assistance or has a question our group of specialists is willing and ready to give a hand. Since we deploy a few hundred dedicated servers each and each month we have a wide variety of hardware available in any way times. If a client were to desire a part at a pinch, we’re happy to sell that component.

Types of Web Hosting Explained

So you are looking for Website hosting however overwhelmed by the types of web hosting plans available on the marketplace. There are a lot of Web Hosting providers are providing several types of and each has its own name. Whatever the kind of web hosting, their sole purpose is same, Storing your site files and supplying bandwidth (Internet) to get your website globally through browsers. There are so various kinds of web hosting packages? .

Simple, all the websites online are not same, each has its own requirements in terms of website resources.

Every site is distinguished by its reputation, a range of documents saved, site traffic and price range. So one size does not fit all. There have to be different kinds of web hosting packages.

Following is the listing of distinct types of web hosting services clarified.

  • Free site hosting
  • Shared website hosting
  • Cloud/Grid hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Colocation Hosting

#1. Free Website Hosting:

What Does It Mean?

Free Website Hosting is a non-paid website hosting service in which you need to pay nothing for hosting your website. Why do hosting is provided by someone, you may wonder. Unless there is some benefit let us be honest, nothing is free in this world.

You produce the articles on your own free website and hosting provider makes revenue from the ads displayed on your site. Let’s put it this way. You get the free hosting and hosting provider will get ad revenue.

There are not very many website hosting services who do supply free hosting without any ads but are limited by the features.

Few Cases:

When Can I Use?

Free hosting is something that you cannot count on forever. If you’re Serious about learning something new but tight on budget this is the ideal start for studying purpose.

There is no guarantee of your own content. If you are not serious about your content, then this may be a solution that is perfect. I love to bring that your site may not have great visibility in search results.