Blur cheats for Xbox 360


From the online car showroom, dial the BMW Concept 1 Series car and enter the following code: LT, RT, LT, RT.


Achievements Requirements
All Rounder (10) Win a race from the multiplayer charts.
Been there, got the T-shirt (10) Destroy your first car.
Challenger (30) Master the Blur challenges.
Check yourself (20) Master Checkpoint events.
Denied! (10) Evade or destroy your first ongoing upgrade.
Double Trouble (20) Beat the twins one-on-one.
Drop the hammer (30) Complete all single mode.
Fan boy (20) Defeat Rhymer in his one on one battle.
For the fans (25) Master the demands of the fans.
For your consideration (20) Become an award winning runner.
Friendly competition (10) Choose a friend as a rival from the individual score lists.
Friends make better enemies (25) Have a complete experience of friend challenges.
Furiously fast (20) Master the Nitro upgrade.
Getting into the swing of things (10) Win your first fan target.
Giant Killer (10) Defeat a rank 50 player.
Globetrotter (25) Run in every place in the game.
Going Gray (20) Beat Carver one on one.
Haruna Matata (25) Win all the Primary Lights at the M. Haruna Checkpoint without damaging your car.
He’s a Wrecking Machine (20) Master the destruction events.
Hot Date (10) Unlock Shannon One-On-One.
I must break you (20) Destroy your first opponent one-on-one.
Incoming! (twenty) Master push thrust.
It’s a trap! (twenty) Master mine improvement.
Learning the ropes (20) Defeat Shannon in your one on one.
Lights out, Meatball! (25) It shows that you can take the fight one on one.
Living legend? (fifty) Unlock Legend mode.
Making a name for yourself (10) Complete your first fan race.
Medic! (twenty) Master repair improvement.
Modder (10) Win a race using personal settings.
Mash King Motor (20) Win the Motor Mash sticker.
Not so pretty boy (20) Beat Khan one on one.
Outta my way! (twenty) Master lash improvement.
Paint Job (10) Stay away from the mob by repainting your car.
Party Trick (10) Win a race in a 4-player multiplayer game with split screen.
Photo Finish (20) Win a race 0.1 seconds or less ahead of another online player.
Sharp Shooter (20) Master lightning enhancement.
Shocking (20) Master the Shock upgrade.
Show ’em who’s boss (20) Complete the demands of race rivals.
Socializer (10) Share your first experience with Blur through social networks.
Somebody stop me! (fifty) Win all the Primary Lights on hard mode.
Speed ​​Demon (25) Reach top speeds in class A, B, and C cars.
Syberian Express (20) Defeat Drayke one-on-one.
Talon-t-ed (20) Beat Talon one on one.
This time it’s personal (10) Destroy an online Blur developer, or another player with this achievement.
Thorny issue (20) Defeat Natalya in her one on one.
Tourist (25) Explore the Blur locations.
Who needs cone gates? (25) Master fan racing.
Win some, lose some, wreck some (20) Master the race events,
You can’t touch this (20) Master the shield upgrade.


Achievement Description Gamerscore
Someone stop me! Win each main light on Hard difficulty. fifty
Living legend? Unlock Legend Mode. fifty
Very fast Defeat Shannon in her one on one. 30
hit it Complete everything in solo mode. 30
Challenge lover Master the challenges of Blur. 30
Friends: the best enemies Have a complete friend challenge experience. 25
Tourist Explore Blur locations. 25
Globetrotter Compete in all locations in the game. 25
For fans Master the demands of fans. 25
Who needs cones? Master fan racing. 25
It’s over, package! Show that you can fight one on one. 25
Haruna Matata Get the headlights on the Mount Haruna checkpoint race without damaging your car. 25
Swift Demon It reaches the speeds indicated in class A, B, C and D cars. 25
Learn the basics Defeat Shannon in her one on one. twenty
I must destroy you Destroy your first opponent one-on-one. twenty
Not so handsome Defeat Khan in his one on one. twenty
Expert Shooter Master the Projectile buff. twenty
Fan Defeat Rhymer in his one on one. twenty
Back off! Master the boost Boost. twenty
Very fast Master the Nitro Booster. twenty
Trans-Siberian Defeat Drayke one-on-one. twenty
Destruction machine Master the destruction events. twenty
Under control Master checkpoint events. twenty
Thorny issue Defeat Natalya in her one on one. twenty
Electrifying Master the Lightning buff. twenty
Achilles heel Defeat Talon one on one. twenty
It’s a trap! Master the Mine Booster. twenty
Doctor! Master the Repair buff. twenty
Win, lose and destroy Master the race events twenty
Double trouble Defeat the twins one on one. twenty
Untouchable Master the Shield buff. twenty
Combing gray hair Defeat Carver in his one on one. twenty
Watch out! Master the Download buff. twenty
Show them who’s the boss Prove yourself and complete the rival’s demands in solo mode. twenty
For your consideration Become an award-winning pilot. twenty
Rushed victory Finish a race 0.1 seconds or less before another online player. twenty
King of motomassacre Win the motomasacre sticker. twenty
Taking it easy Earn your first fan tft item cheat sheet. 10
I was and I won the shirt Destroy your first car. 10
Socializer Share your first Blur experience on Facebook, Twitter or Xbox LIVE. 10
Friendly competition Choose any friend as a rival in single player leaderboards. 10
Make a name for yourself Complete your first fan race. 10
Denied! Dodge or destroy the first power-up shot at you. 10
Sexy date Unlock Shannon One-On-One. 10
Giant Slayer Defeat a rank 50 player. 10
Balanced Win a race on multiple game lists. 10
Fresh paint Stand out from the platoon and paint your car. 10
Modifier Win a race with custom mod settings. 10
This time it’s personal Destroy a Blur developer on Xbox LIVE or anyone with this achievement. 10
Group champion Win a 4 participant race on a split screen. 10